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Who we are.

SMEC is a private coalition of women-led Canadian companies that specialize in sustainable menstrual care products including commercial dispensers, plastic-free pads and tampons as well as reusable cups, pads and menstrual underwear.

AISLE > menstrual underwear

BFREE > menstrual cup

JONI > pads + tampons

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As a coalition, we have deep knowledge and experience with menstrual advocacy, education and solutions.

Aisle was one of the first companies in the world to champion reusable menstrual care. Today we work with dozens of non-profits, post-secondary institutions and employers across Canada to provide inclusive, accessible, sustainable menstrual health solutions.

Madeleine Shaw, Aisle

As organizations look to make pads and tampons available for free to their workers, the industry options are limited. Until now.

Smart dispensers that dispense plastic-free sustainable products are just as easy to implement as conventional options are available.

Linda Biggs, joni

Remote communities without access to clean water now have a reusable cup option that does not require boiling. The first of its kind. Developed right here in Canada!

Leisa Hirtz, Bfree Cup

How we can help.

Effective December 15th, 2023, federally regulated organizations will be required to provide free pads and tampons to their workers. Just like toilet paper.

This means that many organizations are looking for solutions to comply with these new regulations.

SMEC offers organizations solutions that work for them that not only meet the standards but also offer innovative solutions that consider the climate crisis, ESG, SDG and education.

Menstrual equity news

$17.9 Million for Menstrual Equity Across Canada

September 21, 2023

The Canadian Federal Government just announced that, “Food Banks Canada, one of the country’s largest organizations to fight food insecurity will receive $17.9 million to run and national pilot to address barriers related to affordability and stigma that some Canadians face when accessing menstrual produts.”

FEWO Committee Report on Menstrual Equity

November 7, 2023

The Standing Committee on the Status of Women presented their report on Menstrual Equity in Canada called “Let’s Talk About It, Period: Achieving Menstrual Equity in Canada”. The Committee put forward 11 recommendations directed to the Government of Canada to help achieve menstrual equity. The Committee calls on the Government of Canada to implement them rapidly.

Meet our team

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